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Coursepad is a mobile learning platform that makes it easy to manage, train, and track your team's learning.

Get your learners eager to learn.

Forget test-score based programmes that don't work. Directly drive real behaviour change via our mobile coaching technology that captures learner behaviour in real-time. Succeed by really understanding how your learners learn.

Fun & Rewarding Learning

Learners get daily prompts on their phone to complete challenges and view bite-sized content. Learners get rewarded and take pride in progress as they share achievements.

Get Learner Insights Easily

Create, manage, grade, and track courses and learners through a simple and beautiful interface. Learn which course or learner needs additional attention — all without a tech team.

Make Learning Organic

People learn better through sharing of stories, experiences, and discussion. Coursepad encourages such organic learning through a familiar and rewarding social experience.

Our happy clients

Sharma Leadership International

What we're are great for

New Employee Onboarding

Get your new talents up to speed quickly and in an engaging way.

Sales and Product Training

Reach out and give your sales team a quick and reference for product and compliance information.

Continuous & Blended Learning

Continuously upskill and enable your team at scale. Enhance real-life workshops with long term followup courses.

You will be amazed how learning can be this simple and effective
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