The Personalised Learning Environment Your Team Deserves

Ensuring that your team has the most popular, helpful and relevant content always at their fingertips

Engage your team with the content they need

Coursepad learns what your team truly needs to get to the next level and builds a personalised learning environment for each individual learner — providing the right content, in the right context, at the right time.

Your Preferred Way of Learning

We tailor and tweak the content you receive so it's always adapted to how you learn best. We learn about your job, social, and learning profile through various sources of input.

Delivered Timely

Make learning a cultivated habit that builds up your knowledge capital over time, through a blend of push notifications, rewards, and social features.

Smartly Organized

Start learning as a team without any complicated setups. Easily co-curate, share, and collate content in one place.

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What we're are great for

New Employee Onboarding

Get your new talents up to speed quickly and in an engaging way.

Sales and Product Training

Reach out and give your sales team a quick and reference for product and compliance information.

Continuous & Blended Learning

Continuously upskill and enable your team at scale. Enhance real-life workshops with long term followup courses.

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